From: Enyum Patrick
Internet marketer and Freelance Copywriter on Fiverr

Hi Aspiring Fiverrian,
You are probably here because you read my article on how to make money from Fiverr and you are ready to jump in and start banking huge income from it.

If you will stick with me for the next few minutes, I’m going to show you how you can consistently earn N150K - N250K per month while working less than 50 hours on Fiverr.

Before you think this is another internet marketing scam that you are used to see, watch a video of me logging in to my few month old Fiverr account right now..

Fiverr is the easiest internet business you can start and here’s why

Every other business you would want to start online will require huge financial and time investment on your part.
You would need to spend money to:
  •   Buy a domain name and hosting
  •   Get an autoresponder account
  •   3Hire freelancers to create content for you
  •   4Drive traffic to your website
  •   5Follow-up your leads and try to sell to them

All these can gulp between N200,000 to N500,000 and you won’t still be guaranteed of a return on your investment.
I’m saying this because I have invested the money I earned from Fiverr on other internet businesses and I can easily tell the difference.
But with Fiverr, you won’t need to spend any money to get started (except if you count in the cost of your computer and internet connection).

Fiverr provides you with the platform you need, the traffic you need, the content you need and the customers you need.

You will need absolutely zero capital to get started on Fiverr.

All you need to start earning up to N250K every month on Fiverr is: 
  •     A computer
  •     An internet connection
  •     The tricks and strategies I’m about to give you
  •     With this three, you are ready to start earning a 6-figure naira income working less than 50 hours per month from anywhere you like.

My name is Patrick Enyum, an average Nigerian just like you.
I first joined Fiverr on September, 2015 and made $950 in the first month.
It wasn’t because I was a genius, but because I learned from a friend of mine who was already banking eye-popping amounts from Fiverr.

I know the guy was working on Fiverr, but I never believed his source of earning was solely from Fiverr because he was living a lavish life.
You won’t blame me for thinking that way because I thought everything on Fiverr was all about $5. 
I couldn’t possibly believe that one would live the type of life he was living purely on Fiverr jobs.

My perception changed the day I bumped into him trying to withdraw from his Fiverr account to his Payoneer account.

What I saw on his screen that day kept my mouth ajar………..his total revenue from Fiverr was showing $22,727 (that is over 7 million naira when converted).
I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It was right then that I knelt down and started begging him to teach me all he knew about Fiverr.
He initially thought I was joking, but when he saw how serious I was, he agreed.
He set up an account for me that day and before the next 30 days, I had already banked $950

I simply followed everything he taught me because he already knew what worked and what didn’t work.
I didn’t have to comb the internet and reading fluffs from people who might not even have a functional FIverr account……..that could have easily misled me.

Now, I have over 20 months experience and average N320,000 every month while working less than 50 hours.
I have mastered the Fiverr game so well that the last account I created six months ago has already generated over N2,640,000 in revenue.

Now, my Fiverr earnings is able to afford me the type of life I have always dreamed of when growing up.

Unlike other internet marketers, I won’t do what you will be expecting of me

You would possibly be expecting to see pictures of bank transaction alerts, Fiverr account screenshot, my car, my apartment and all that …… should know that those stuffs are usually fake; they are photoshopped images.

But I won’t do any of that just to convince you……….it’s unnecessary.
Rather, I’ll prefer to show you the realest proof you can ever have: a video of me logging into my recent Fiverr account which I created on January 2017. It’s just six month old as at the time I was recording this video and it has already banked over $8,000

I’m showing you this video not to brag, but to show you that I know what I’m talking about and can help you achieve financial success on Fiverr.

So, If you are ready to start earning N250K in revenue every month from Fiverr, I’m ready to share my experience, tricks and strategies with you.

I won’t hold back anything………I will bare everything to you.
If you are ready, let me quickly introduce you to:

Fiverr Boss

The unpopular tricks and strategies that can earn you N350K – N400K in sales every month on Fiverr

These tricks and strategies in this eBook are:
  • Used by top sellers on Fiverr
  • Endorsed by Fiverr
  • Easy to use even if you are new
  • Proven to work

This ebook is a compendium of all the knowledge and experience I have gathered i n my 20 months of working as a freelancer on Fiverr.
It contains very unpopular strategies which many Fiverr coaches don’t disclose in their courses, either due to neglect, oversight or greed.

Here is a quick preview of what you are going to see inside Fiverr Boss:
  •     How to set up your account in a way that buyers see you as a professional evenif you are not  
  •     How to create a gig content that buyers can’t resist when they read it  
  •     Simple but neglected tweaks you can apply when creating your gig to make it rank on Fiver 
  •     How to drive massive traffic to your Fiverr gigs 
  •     How to convert those traffic to sales 
  •     How to render any service on Fiverr without prior experience of the service 
  •     How to get your client to pay more even when others charge less 
  •     How to squeeze out the maximum amount of money you can from a buyer 
  •     How to get your first sale on Fiverr even if you don’t have any review 
  •     How to work for 25 hours per month and still earn a 4-figure income on Fiverr 
  •     And lots more    

I never intended making this letter so long, but it’s not my fault…..

You see, whenever I write about something I’m so confident and passionate about, I tend to forget myself and keep writing and writing.
I’m so much confident on the quality of information you are going to find inside Fiverr Boss that if I keep writing about it, I might end up filling up this entire page.

However, you don’t need to swallow everything I said completely….

I shared these tricks and secrets with some of my University classmates last year. This year, I just emailed them to know how they are performing and here are what some of them wrote back to me:

These testimonies are from verifiable fiverr sellers and not from ghost or heaven as we often see from self parading Internet gurus.

You might probably be asking yourself what this priceless information is going to cost you
If I was to tag a price on it that is commensurate to what you are going to gain from it, you would possibly be paying around N50,000.
After all, what is N50,000 if you are going to be earning hundreds of thousands of naira monthly from the information you get from it?

However, I’m not going to charge you N50,000
I guess you are probably a beginner and I wouldn’t want you to spend much on training.

I already told you that it cost zero naira to get started on Fiverr.

So I wouldn’t want the cost of learning the tricks and strategies that will make you succeed to become significantly high.
So here is the deal……..

If you take the bold step to order this eBook now   or before --:--:--:-- , I will charge you only N2,999 including all the mind blowing bonuses.payments after our countdown gets to zero is N8,000

I would have even given this out to you for free, but there is a reason why I tagged a price on it:
1.       I spent countless hours producing it, so I at least deserve a plate of lunch from you ….don’t you think so?
2.       I want to weed out the crowd who are after getting free information. This way, only the serious people will get it, protect it and apply it

That’s not all you will get from this purchase

Because I want you to earn your first one million naira this year from the internet, I’m going to offer three powerful bonuses to you when you make your purchase today.
You don’t need to study these bonuses now…..rather when you start making money from Fiverr, you can reinvest your earnings into the online businesses found in these bonuses so you can earn even more money:

Affiliate Jagaban

This eBook will teach you everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing so you can diversify your income source online. This is the most loaded guide ever written by any Nigerian dead or alive on Affiliate marketing.

it contains many mind blowing ideas. This eBook is sold for N3,000, but I will send it to you free of charge if you Get Fiver Boss Not Later than today.


This guide is an easy to follow powerful guide that holds your hands through cpa marketing. how much you can make from cpa marketing using this guide can not be over emphasized but to give you a tip, many of the students that test it first hand are already recording 200 dollar days (i mean 200usd/day). 

The value of this guide is over 1000usd. but if you get fiverr boss today, you are getting it as a bonus for absolutely zero cost.

One on One support

I’ll add you to my personal Whatsapp account so you can have unfettered access to me anytime you want, so I can give you support if you need it. I usually charge N10,000 for this, but you will get it 100% free. Due to too many people trying to get this guide and i can not attend to too many people at a time, i will limit the one on one whatsapp support to only those that got the guide right now. i mean the first 20 people. All others can only have the basic support through call.


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On confirmation from the bank, you will get an email containing the Business manuals and our Skype id, support email and Mobile nos. 

You Can Still Hop On Fiverr Right Now Without Learning My Tricks And Strategies. But Here Is The Implication: 

  • You might struggle for months just to get few sales
  • You might even find it difficult to get the first review that will make buyers trust you You might get stuck with only $5 gigs for a long while
  • You might get frustrated with your not getting enough sales
  • You might end up quitting Fiverr
  • But I guess that’s not what you want.

Rather you would want to:
  • Get massive traffic to your gigs which will convert to sales
  • Get your buyers to pay more than the usual $5 others charge
  • Squeeze as much money as you can from each buyer
  • Work less than 50 hours a month while still raking in thousands in revenue
  • Achieve your dream of earning $3,000+ every month on Fiverr

This is exactly what you are going to learn from Fiverr Boss.

I told you that I would want this information protected so it doesn’t become too rampant.
That’s why I introduced a price in the first place to weed off freebie seekers.
To ensure this information is available only to few persons, I’m going to pull down this page as soon as the first 20 persons purchase this eBook.
This means that you have to get it now before it goes off.

As you are reading this, others are busy buying it…… Maybe by the time you are ready to buy it, the number would have reached 20 and this page will go off.

So quickly take the bold step to acquire it now……..I have made the price very cheap so that the price wouldn’t be a reason to miss it.
So don’t procrastinate…….order your copy now to be among the first 20 persons.

Do You Have any inquiry? contact us using

Here’s my promise:

Few weeks after implementing the tricks and strategies in Fiverr Boss, you will slide into my inbox to share your testimony with me.

Best regards,
Patrick Enyum
Founder Of Patlex Technologies, Experienced Freelancer and A professional copy writer.

PS: This information is going to be available for as long as the first 20 persons orders it. After the first 20 persons to order, this page will be pulled down and you wouldn’t find this information anywhere again

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